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ASP.NET | .NET 9/.NET 8 | Node.js | PHP
Most popular web programming languages supported.
Store your data in most popular SQL databases.
Visual studio | Umbraco | Wordpress
Easy deployment and one-click install and run of most popular CMS.
Fast | Easy | Powerfull
Instant setup and powerful custom Control panel.

Everything you need for ASP.NET FULL Stack development:
.NET 9.x/8.x/7.x/6.x/5.x/3.x/.NET Core, C#, Blazor, Razor, ASP.NET Web API, MVC, WebAssembly, ASP.NET Framework 4.x/3.x, ASP.NET WebForms, Classic ASP, Node.js, PHP 8.x/7.x, MSSQL 2022, MySQL, MariaDB... etc.

ASP.NET | .NET | Node.js Cloud Hosting
Quick information about us:
We are team of .NET developers and we are happy offer to you our modern and friendly hosting platform focused on ASP.NET & .NET Core technologies. This hosting platform is our trully love Freehosting is great opportunity for you to start learning and growing experience with .NET. Let's try it now for FREE!
.NET Core
.NET Core
ASP.NET Framework
ASP.NET Framework
Visual Studio
Visual Studio
Windows Server 2022
Windows Server
SQL Server 2022
MSSQL 2022
SQL Management Studio
SQL Studio
Let's Encrypt
Lets Encrypt
Worldwide infrastructure

We're building our infrastructure as Cloud technology which ensuring scalability and high performance. You can choose from EU and USA datacenters

Loved and helpful

Everything can be easily managed through our powerful Control panel and is created instantly in seconds. Our mission is provide best .NET platform for your applications.

All your needs on one place

You can run in one place .NET, ASP.NET Core, C#, Blazor, Razor, ASP.NET Web API, MVC, WebAssembly ASP.NET Framework, ASP.NET WebForms, Classic ASP, Node.js, PHP and more...

Powerful and Modern

Power of AMD Ryzen and ultra-fast Gen4 NVMe SSD drives. Enjoy benefits of modern Hyper-V cluster, Windows Server 2022, IIS 10, MSSQL 2022, MySQL etc.

Favorite and customized

With just a few click you can run your websites, databases, e-mails or install favorite apps like Wordpress, Umbraco, Kentico, DotNetNuke, NopCommerce etc.

Safe and secure

Secured by HTTPS. We support Let's Encrypt and PFX certificates, TLS 1.3 encryption, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 protocols. All customers data are periodically backuped to different location.

Blazor .NET
.NET Blazor
Razor .NET
.NET Razor
Umbraco CMS
Nop Commerce
DotNetNuke (DNN)
DotNet Nuke
Kentico CMS
ASP.NET & .NET Cloud hostingplan:
Not available yet, coming soon...
Premium is designed for ALL production websites, databases, APIs, e-shops, blogs, web apps and others. With support, guarantees and automatic backups. Includes all hosting needed features and capabilities.
HIGH performance servers
Run on UNLIMITED own domains
Up to *UNLIMITED web disk space | *starts on 25GB
Up to *UNLIMITED sql disk space | *starts on 2GB
Up to *UNLIMITED e-mail disk space | *starts on 2GB
Up to *5 GB RAM for apps | *starts on 512MB
Auto HTTPS by Let´s Encrypt
Unlimited transfers/traffic
Domains, DNS, Task scheduler, IIS logs...
Automatic daily backups for 14 days
EU USA ASIA datacenters
Supported technologies:
NET 9.x / 8.x / 7.x / 6.x / 5.x / 3.x / .NET Core
C# / Blazor / Razor / Web API / MVC / WebAssembly
ASP.NET Framework 4.x / 3.x
Classic ASP / Node.js
PHP 8.x / 7.x
MSSQL 2022 / MariaDB / MySQL
Performance & Resources
Scalability & Extensibility
Comfort & Simplicity
Not available yet, coming soon...
ASP.NET & .NET Cloud hosting plan:
Free is designed for hobbies, development, testing, POC or Preview. Not recommended for production. Without support and guarantees. Does not include all features and capabilities.
LOW performance servers
Run ONLY on Free subdomains
Max. 5 GB web disk space
Max. 1 GB sql disk space
Max. 1 GB e-mail disk space
Max. 256 MB RAM for apps
Limited features/capabilities
Limited transfers/traffic
Limited quantity per customer
No guarantees/warranties
Only EU datacenter
Supported technologies:
NET 9.x / 8.x / 7.x / 6.x / 5.x / 3.x / .NET Core
C# / Blazor / Razor / Web API / MVC / WebAssembly
ASP.NET Framework 4.x / 3.x
Classic ASP / Node.js
PHP 8.x / 7.x
MSSQL 2022 / MariaDB / MySQL
Performance & Resources
Scalability & Extensibility
Comfort & Simplicity
FREE plan
MonsterASP.NET vs others
Why are we better than others?
Direct deployment from Visual Studio...
With WebDeploy, you can easily deploy your applications to our hosting servers directly from Visual Studio. Practically with one-click.
Direct management MSSQL databases...
With Remote Access you can easily manage your hosted MSSQL databases directly from your SQL Management Studio.
Simple activation HTTPS with Let's Encrypt...
With build-in Let's Encrypt support you can easily secure your hosted website with HTTPS encryption.
ASP.NET Web API with Swagger support...
ASP.NET Core Web API with Swagger are very popular hosting applications. See how easily you can deploy and run them with us.
Direct deployment from Github repository...
Developers can connect hosted website to Github repository and easily deploy application directly from Github.
Common questions before registration
Is your Free plan really FREE?
Yes, you can host your website for FREE. No hidden fees. No credit card required. We play fair play.
How long does it take to create website or database?
On our platform is everything set up instantly in seconds. No more unnecessary waiting.
Do I need my own domain?
No, Free plan works only on our FREE subdomain * / *
Can I use only Free database?
Yes, you can use only SQL database in Free plan. Databases works completely independently.
Can I connect to Free database remotely from my computer?
Yes, you can use remote access and connect to database from your computer using SQL Management Studio.
Will you put advertising on my website?
No, we do not insert advertising banners into hosted websites.
Can I upgrade from Free plan to Premium plan?
Yes, you can always upgrade to Premium plan, which is affordable priced.